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i page review:

 ipage review

iPage web hosting review:

ipage is one of the hosting companies with the best reputation in relation to quality price and from the prices at which accommodation is available.
In this article are presented the main advantages and disadvantages aspects that will have to be taken into account when choosing this accommodation and which options will be preferable when it is noted overall.

iPage is part of the hosting group which can be labeled “competitive and with one of the best quality / price relationships in the market”, ie, which presents a series of hosting services that start on really low prices, which also means that you will not have to be too elitist about data, size and capabilities; however the services offered are really competitive and adapt to the needs of many users. This is what we will see next.

If I had to highlight one of the strong points of this company, apart from low and competitive rates, I will highlight the confidence it can transmit from their own web page.

From the main page we find directly the logos of Google Adwords, Facebook and Yahoo which are a weight relative to the trust of this company in relation to its customers. We will talk about it a little further down.

In addition, just by accessing the page we can appreciate the large number of customers that this company offers these services, which in just over 10 years has 1 million hosted websites.

These data are not in vain and are due to the efforts of the company in the optics of the quality of services and the options given to the customers. Let’s take a look at what these services are.

iPage, complete servers
Despite its low prices iPage hosting has technical features specific to more expensive accommodation. Let’s see these features:

advantage ipage hosting Unlimited domains:

on iPage servers it is possible to host an unlimited number of domains, which is a great advantage, especially for small webmasters who are profitable a number of blogs or thematic pages and need to accommodate a number of sites.

Space on disk and unlimited bandwidth: This is not true in practice since they never manage to be really unlimited, but that will still be enough for the most economical plans.

Free Domain the first year:

If you do not have a domain yet and you need it, your own hosting company offers one during the first year. On this subject many are of the opinion that it is better to register his domain name in another server company, but I recommend that to simplify the matter, I often have the domain registered and hosting at the same company, which is not a problem under normal circumstances.

Online shops with Paypal integrated: It is the same server company that facilitates the insertion of Paypal on the online store and no additional cost.

iPage periodically scans your site for spam: iPage has its own Malware control and cleanup service, which is a big advantage in the days when Internet spam is on the rise.

Additional classic advantages: There are also other basic complementary benefits such as unlimited number of email accounts, CMS like WordPress, Joomla and others has a single click to install …

What are the major disadvantages
There are two major disadvantages that may or may not correspond to certain user profiles.

On the one hand, the language on the page as well as on the platform in general is limited to English. This can be a problem for some people.

On the other hand, according to some user complaints there would have been compatibility issues with some versions of Joomla from Joomla 3, however it is very likely that this error has been corrected by the company since.


Good prices, quality services and excellent help thanks to Google Adwords advertising coupons, Facebook Ads, etc. Without a doubt, mention: Highly Recommended. This company has been selected as one of the best web hosts for WordPress of the moment.

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